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3344Re: [soapbuilders] Re: Element name escaping

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  • Rich Salz
    May 18, 2001
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      I much prefer an attribute. The problem is a general one: "how do I
      encode a name that is not a valid XML element name"? It's a good

      Defining a new type is not a solution, because the name is independant
      of the type; I could have string whose name is "a c".

      Defining an encoding is not a solution, for two reasons. First, there
      is no way to tell that "a_x0020_c" is an encoded name, or not, which
      could cause a problem if I have a real name that looks like an encoded
      one. Second, there is no guarantee that the encoding method will always
      be appropriate, or even work. (E.g.., serializing a core dump where the
      "variables" are numeric memory locations. :)

      Therefore, I think the best approach is to define a new attribute used
      to indicate the real name. This attribute would include the encoding
      scheme as part of its semantics.

      This approach is also extensible because you could put more than one
      attribute, providing alternate names in diffferent encoding styles.

      And finally, channeling for Noah :), I can forward this to the dist-app
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