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29Making VB talk to Apache

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  • quaine_nicholas@jpmorgan.com
    Feb 2 4:39 AM
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      Apologies to those who are seeing this same question on a gzillion
      different discussion groups but I am determined to find out if this is
      possible or not and it seems like this is just the right place to
      do that...

      <B>has anyone out there managed to make a Visual Basic client
      (Microsoft SOAP Toolkit v2.0) which exploits a WSDL file work against
      a SOAP server implemented with Apache SOAP 2.0 or 2.1 ?</B>

      I have made a VB client work against an Apache SOAP server by
      exploiting the low level API (ie. manipulating the soap envelope
      directly on the VB side to include the xsi:type param) but would like
      to get it working by exploiting the high level API / WSDL file.

      Apparently Apache SOAP 2.1 has "Reduced dependency on xsi:type for
      deserialization" - but I haven't yet seen how. examples...
      1) If I take my VB client written with a low level API and remove the
      code which inserts the xsi:type line into the envelope, I get a server
      side error : "No Deserializer found" for my 'type' (actually my
      method's parameter name) - see actual error message below.
      2) If I use the high level API and exploit a wsdl file I get the same

      No Deserializer found to deserialize a ':imntType' using encoding
      style 'http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/encoding/'.

      many thanks for any help you can provide

      Nick Quaine
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