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2848RE: FW: [soapbuilders] Re: question regarding moving to 2001 schemas

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  • Tony Hong
    May 2, 2001
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      Sam (and Apache guys in general):

      One other datapoint on the apache 2001 issue:

      I have an Apache (5/1 build) client calling the echoString method on the
      GLUE ilab server. The response from GLUE comes back fine (using 2001) but
      the apache client chokes on it. When I rig a server to return the * EXACT
      SAME * envelope, but with "2001" changed to "1999" on the xsd and xsi
      definitions , no exception results and the apache client deserializes

      I've attached the client "echoString.java" , the apache request wiredump,
      the GLUE response wiredump, and the resulting exception that occurs in the
      Apache client.

      Clearly, you guys have gotten apache to deserialize 2001 messages returned
      from a server in Raleigh, so I'm wondering what's missing in my client

      TIA for any assistance.


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      > schemas
      > Tony Hong wrote:
      > >
      > > just a quick question regarding the 2001 support in the latest nightlys
      > > is there anything that has to be done special? the 2 guys I know who are
      > > working this problem independently reported that after
      > installing the 4/30
      > > nightly build, it still did not work (they got exceptions after
      > trying to
      > > process a 2001 response from a server).
      > No, MS seems to accept a range of schemas, as do we.
      > - Sam Ruby
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