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2826Re: [soapbuilders] EasySoap++ Bid service

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  • David Crowley
    May 1, 2001
      > I did some reworking on things tonight and I'm pretty sure I have
      > the my bid service working alot better now. I got lucky and happened
      > to snatch a MS .NET request with a bunch of id/hrefs that made things
      > crash and after some work I was able to de-serialize it correctly.
      > So all, please try banging your clients against it and let me know
      > if you run into problems. Thanks,
      > David

      I'm taking my server down for a bit. I will try and I have it back up
      later today, tonight at the latest. I have more work to get href/id
      de-serializing correctly... grrr... Also, as I was watching the packet
      dumps of people hitting my server, I had questions to ask them but I
      have no idea who was who. It would be nice if the implementationts
      identified themselves with a SOAPClient tag. Anyways, somebody has been
      trying to hit my site with a namespace of "http://soapinterop.org/Bid"
      but it needs to be "http://www.soapinterop.org/Bid". FYI...

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