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10800RE: [soapbuilders] Problems with deserialization of SOAP Response (Complex Type from Apache Websevi

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  • John Lim
    Mar 19, 2007
      Hi Gregor,
      I have not had the opportunity to experiment with the situation that you described, but I have encountered issues with the opposite - meaning, I cannot consume 'untyped' types such as Dataset in .NET from Java based clients (including Apache).  I believe the issue is the same.
      One thing I can suggest is to have the web service 'take apart' the hashtable, which in Java is really a collection of tuples of "key" and "value", insert them in an array of Items and send them over. If you do not have the luxury of modifying the web service, create another web service, based in Java, consume the web service and then do the 'translation' into an array. This way, the .NET client can safely consume this data.
      What do you think?
      John Lim

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      Subject: [soapbuilders] Problems with deserialization of SOAP Response (Complex Type from Apache Websevi


      I want to consume an Apache Webservice with a C# .NET Client.
      Everything works fine, but I'm having problem with the deserialization
      of the complex type "Item" that is included in the response of the web
      service, what seems so be the type "hashtable" in .NET. Every "Item"
      consists of two fields "key" and "value".

      I read a lot about SOAP/Apache/ .NET/Complex Types/etc. and somewhere I
      read that there is no automatic deserialization possible of such a type.
      Does anyone know a HowTo-Example or Codesnippet? Or can somebody
      explain how to consume Complex Types from Apache?
      I didn't find any helpful postings or Code Examples…

      I'm looking forward to your replies!

      Best regards,

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