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10799RE: [soapbuilders] Webswell Connect 2.0.6 is released - open source integration tool

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  • Jody R. McKinzie
    Mar 16, 2007



      I need help.  I am trying to get information to build a soap web service using PERL::SOAP and I do not have access to the WDSL or do not know the exact address of the wdsl.


      In other words, I have a wdsl that is used to create a ticket at www.server.com/Ticket.asmx and when i add ?WDSL to the end of it, I get the wdsl however, I want to do other things that are on other WDSL using soap but do not know the address.


      Is there any way to find out where the WDSL is?  This is for a virtual ticketing system that requires logging in.   If I can login and create/modify and get reports on tickets, why can I not also use the web service so that I am able to do it via the command line?


      I tried a UDDI sniffer like stylus studio but, it did not work.


      Hope you understand this…






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      Sent: Wednesday, February 21, 2007 9:48 AM
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      Subject: [soapbuilders] Webswell Connect 2.0.6 is released - open source integration tool


      For people who implement web services.
      Webswell Connect provides open source technological infrastructure
      that enables companies to take part in documents interchange based on
      the ebXML, WS web services and AS2 standards.
      It contains:
      - EbXML, WS web services and AS2-compliant messaging system
      - A Registry and Repository for business objects
      - Demonstration, simulation and testing utilities
      - Multiplatform java installer

      Changes in latest version:
      - Added support of Windows services for Tomcat
      - Dispatcher 1.1.1 , improved error handling
      - Major bug fix in installer for Windows systems

      More information at:
      http://www.webswell .com

      Download at:
      http://sourceforge. net/project/ showfiles. php?group_ id=167017

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