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10797Problems with deserialization of SOAP Response (Complex Type from Apache Websevi

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  • gregduck80
    Feb 19, 2007
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      I want to consume an Apache Webservice with a C# .NET Client.
      Everything works fine, but I'm having problem with the deserialization
      of the complex type "Item" that is included in the response of the web
      service, what seems so be the type "hashtable" in .NET. Every "Item"
      consists of two fields "key" and "value".

      I read a lot about SOAP/Apache/.NET/Complex Types/etc. and somewhere I
      read that there is no automatic deserialization possible of such a type.
      Does anyone know a HowTo-Example or Codesnippet? Or can somebody
      explain how to consume Complex Types from Apache?
      I didn't find any helpful postings or Code ExamplesÂ…

      I'm looking forward to your replies!

      Best regards,
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