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10771Re: [soapbuilders] [ANN]JAX-WS 2.1 FCS released

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  • Steve Loughran
    Feb 9, 2007
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      On 2/8/07, Doug Kohlert <doug.kohlert@...> wrote:
      > Oh, you are talking about the data corruption mentioned in Kohsuke's
      > blog
      > (http://weblogs.java.net/blog/kohsuke/archive/2007/02/jaxws_ri_21_ben.html).
      > Yea Dims, we made that up; get real dude. Kohsuke even mentioned in
      > his blog that we were not sure why it happened and that it might even be
      > a Glassfish issue.

      Well I for one celebrate the release, and think the dev team should be
      congratulated and given the rest of the week off to celebrate, even
      though I personally have no intention of using JAX-WS or anything that
      goes from Java to WSDL.

      o It is the SOAP client built in to Java 6, so any improvements in
      performance are good, because they will help on the client.

      o Any improvements in interop can only be a good thing.

      o The async stuff looks interesting, though I fear that the Java
      community is reading "Java Concurrency in Practise" and going
      overboard with futures and callables the way Java1.1 and Swing did
      with nested classes.

      As for the benchmarking, well, I don't know what you can conclude.
      Probably comparing the new version against the old one is the best
      metric, and here things are better. And the fact that the team has
      managed to find a concurrency problem on a 4-way box with glassfish
      means everyone is partway to fixing it -dims and dennis are now aware
      of its existence.

      Doug :

      1. any plans to slip this out into a Java 6 point release? Or is that
      going to be stuck with the old codebase for its entire product

      2. what's your current interop test process?

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