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10756Re: [soapbuilders] Multiple WS-Addresses in multiple namespaces

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  • Steve Loughran
    Feb 1, 2007
      On 2/1/07, Glen Daniels <glen@...> wrote:
      > > Life is so much simpler with URLs. You cannot post a request to three
      > > different URLs, and if you use the element in the message body to
      > > select your action, its inherently impossible to hae duplicate
      > > payloads.
      > I don't think this is a particularly valid comparison. It would be more
      > like adding multiple versioned HTTP headers rather than posting to
      > different URLs. The point of SOAP headers is that they modify, not
      > replace, the (potentially non-extensible) content of a message.

      well, I shall modify my servlet engine to support multiple Host fields
      in the get request to make its http layer more consistent :)
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