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10679Re: [soapbuilders] Info About SOAP

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  • noah_mendelsohn@us.ibm.com
    May 12, 2006
      vikas_mdu writes

      > Hi everybody,
      > I am very new to SOAP, can anybody
      > provide me some example package of SOAP with PHP server and only XML for
      > client. Actually i have downloaded the NuSoap Package, but i have to
      > create a webservice and have to provide only xml to my customers, In
      > Nusoap the client uses the package ( Class File nusoap.php ) , and in
      > this case only customers who are using PHP as there enviournment can use
      > it. I need somthing(Only With XML) at client side which is plateform
      > Independent.

      As Anne responded, you can use any software you like at either end of a
      SOAP connection. I think the real question is: how robust do you want
      your SOAP support to be. If you know, for example, that the SOAP messages
      sent to your clients will have no headers, or at least no headers for
      which mustUnderstand="true", then you can just write a bit of code to
      ensure that those aren't there in any responses you receive, raising an
      error if they do show up. If there are headers you want to process, then
      to be a compliant SOAP implementation you have to follow some rules about
      what order to do certain things, and it's much more likely you'll get them
      right by using someone's package than trying to hack it yourself. Either
      approach is really OK, as long as you're building what you need for your
      customers. Of course, you can also build noncompliant software that may
      work a lot of the time by just ignoring the official SOAP rules and
      grepping through the responses for what appears to be the data you need.
      Whether doing that is robust enough for your purposes is up to you, but
      certainly there are applications that take this approach (at their own
      risk, of course.)

      In short, I wouldn't try to build up your own fully general purpose SOAP
      support by hand, but you may very well find that you can easily build
      robust support for just the part of SOAP you expect your applications to
      use (e.g. no headers, or certain particular headers that you are
      expecting.) Certainly the code to send out a simple, compliant SOAP
      request is straightforward.

      Noah Mendelsohn
      IBM Corporation
      One Rogers Street
      Cambridge, MA 02142
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