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10454Re: [soapbuilders] Re: Problems with WSDL

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  • Steve Loughran
    Oct 27, 2005
      On 10/27/05, umike777 <umike777@...> wrote:
      > No, WSDL is generated from java classes with Axis,
      > but it's no compatible with .NET
      > and i try to understand whi is that...

      interop between SOAP stacks is a permanent problem. I suggest you

      1. upgrade to Axis1.3, which released a couple of weeks ago. This will
      contain the latest interop patches.

      2. if this does not work, file a bugrep on Axis's jira pages.

      > How to define method with no input params and with one output param
      > in WSDL with rpc/encoded style? Also this method must receive header.

      If you are in to "sophisticated" XML, try not letting the SOAP stack
      write the WSDL for you.

      0. Embrace doc/lit RPC rather than rpc/encoded

      1. write the Xml Schema for your documents, using datatypes that are
      supported by .net and java (no unsigned longs, no fancy restriction

      2. write simple WSDL that uses the XSD-defined elements as messages.

      3. have both Axis and .NET generate code from the WSDL/XSD.

      4. discuss problems on the Axis-user mail list, as these are the
      people that can help you.

      This will force you to learn XSD and WSDL, but you end up with WSDL
      files you understand, because you wrote them and you documented them.
      Machine generated WSDL is unreadable and unstable.

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