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10416Re: Customize a soap message

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  • charlie_fadipe
    Sep 30, 2005
      --- In soapbuilders@yahoogroups.com, "namratadin" <namratadin@y...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I am new to web services and SOAP. I was wondering if there is a
      > way to remove the soap tabs <soapenv:Body> and <soapenv:Envelope>
      > completely from a soap request message generated while using a web
      > service. I appreciate your help!
      > Thanks.
      > Nami


      Why would you want to do that? The whole point of soap is that's its
      a unified way of sending messages from any kind of client to any
      server. The Body and Envelope tags are part of the standard that
      constitute a soap message. Without these most soap servers won't
      work, unless you particularly wanted to build your own low-level soap
      server that didn't read these tags.
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