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10413MS SOAP Toolkit Session Management

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  • charlie_fadipe
    Sep 29, 2005
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      Please can someone help me?
      I'm trying to connect to my NuSoap server
      from Excel. I configured my client using the web server references
      tool. It uses MS SOAP 3.0. It works fine in the main, except when I want to implement
      sessions. I create my named session id when I login and pass it back
      (encrypted) to the caller (Excel, in this case). When I try to logout,
      I pass the encrypted sid back to my NuSOAP server.
      Unfortunately, it can't find the session.
      However, when I test the same methods using a NuSOAP client that I
      implemented in a php script, it works fine!

      Upon a bit further investigation I think the problem is that the HTTP
      header generated from Excel doesn't contain the cookie. Unfortunately, I don't know how
      to see the generated http message I send from Excel to my server. Can you shed
      some light on what I'm doing wrong and how to put it right?

      I have been looking for days for a solution under the MSDN website and
      other forums and the closest I have found was a piece of code that said
      I should do the following:
      Dim soapHttpChannelOptions1 As SoapHttpChannelOptions
      Dim returnValue As CookieContainer
      returnValue = soapHttpChannelOptions1.CookieContainer
      Dim sampleValue As CookieContainer
      soapHttpChannelOptions1.CookieContainer = sampleValue

      Unfortunately, my VBA code can't seem to recongise this type. I've
      downloaded and installed (by double-clicking the setup.exe file) the
      WSE 2 service pack 3. But this made no difference.

      Many thanks
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