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10336Re: [soapbuilders] Unknown attributes for WSDL

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  • Glen Daniels
    Aug 5, 2005
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      Hey, if anyone on soapbuilders replies to that (or any other similar
      messages), please don't reply to jsr-110-eg-disc, as that group is
      members-only... my apologies for not making that clear earlier.


      Glen Daniels wrote:
      > [cc'ed to soapbuilders because I think that community is generally
      > interested in this kind of issue]
      > Hi folks!
      > In http://groups.yahoo.com/group/jsr110-eg-disc/message/687, dims notes
      > that the schema for wsdl:binding doesn't support attribute extensions.
      > However, Microsoft seems to have software out there which is generating
      > such attributes - even if they fix this (as I believe they already have
      > internally), there are still some WSDLs that have been released "into
      > the wild" with this issue.
      > WSDL4J currently will toss an exception if it encounters attributes
      > where the schema doesn't allow them. While in general I think faulting
      > is correct behavior for this sort of thing, the fact is that we'd also
      > like to enable interoperability as much as possible, and so some folks
      > might want the ability to be a little more lenient with respect to
      > "extra" content.
      > What do you think of adding an "ignoreUnknown" option to WSDL4J? When
      > switched on this option would disable faulting in cases where the parser
      > finds unexpected content - instead it would simply ignore it.
      > Thoughts?
      > --Glen
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