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10286Re: [soapbuilders] Re: .Net is automatically importing XML schema, how do I stop it from doing so??

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  • Simon Fell
    Jun 2, 2005
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      On Thu, 2 Jun 2005 09:04:12 -0700, in ws you wrote:

      >>.Net didn't specify a
      >>location and according to what I've read you need to use the
      >>"schemaLocation" attribute when importing an XML schema into your WSDL
      >>document and need to use the xsd:import and not the wsdl:import.
      >BP does not require schemaLocation for xsd:import
      >BP requires location attribute for wsdl:import.
      >The failure you see seems like a bug in WS-I test tools (does not
      >recognize a known schema and fails to test the other requirement).

      This is a long standing and very annoying bug in the WS-I test tools
      (it also gives this if your WSDL contains 2 schema sections and one
      imports the other). Anyone with eyes & ears in with the WS-I know if
      there are plans to ship a fixed version of the test tools ?

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