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10237RE: [soapbuilders] Re: origin of interoperability problems?

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  • paul.downey@bt.com
    May 9, 2005
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      > People say the best way to build interoperable web services is focus
      > on the XML documents. I'm increasingly thinking that's the only way to
      > do things. Alas, what that means in most languages is you treat your
      > SOAP packets like XML documents and slog through them with DOM or the
      > like. I fear that in many languages you're better off without the
      > fancy SOAP/WSDL toolkits entirely.

      Whilst moving to document based services from encoded was indeed a step
      backwards in terms of interoperability between code based tools, it's
      been a giant leap forward for those of us who have to unite the code and
      document universes. Adding decoration such as soapArray attributes into
      messages generatded using XSLT just so the likes of .NET would accept
      them was no fun.

      So I'll take the oportunity to once again shamelessly plug the up and coming
      W3C Workshop on Schema User Experiences* where basically this topic is
      going to be the subject of two days discussion.

      -- It's our best chance to encourage the W3C to better help
      us in our attempts to use XML Schema to describe Web service messages,


      * http://www.w3.org/2005/03/xml-schema-user-cfp
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