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10236Re: [soapbuilders] Re: origin of interoperability problems?

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  • Christopher B Ferris
    May 9 8:08 AM
      Bingo! Give that man a ceeegar.


      Christopher Ferris
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      soapbuilders@yahoogroups.com wrote on 05/09/2005 10:47:11 AM:

      > >I didn't say that it would be hard. Just not practical. The world is
      > >not pure java... there's still a gazillion lines of COBOL running
      > >(even some that I wrote back in the stone ages:-). What's a hashmap
      > >to COBOL?
      > While I also think defining hashmaps compatibly across languages is
      > difficult (does CORBA do it?), I think this discussion is missing the
      > real difficulty of interoperability. It's not that it's hard to pass
      > hash tables from Java to COBOL. It's that it's still hard to pass
      > integers from Java to .NET. Or arrays of structures from Java to Perl.
      > The more I get into trying to build interoperable web services, the
      > more I think the whole XML->native type binding approach is just
      > fundamentally broken. I can't see any theoretical reason it shouldn't
      > work, but the practical outcome is so bad it makes me think something
      > must be wrong with the idea.
      > People say the best way to build interoperable web services is focus
      > on the XML documents. I'm increasingly thinking that's the only way to
      > do things. Alas, what that means in most languages is you treat your
      > SOAP packets like XML documents and slog through them with DOM or the
      > like. I fear that in many languages you're better off without the
      > fancy SOAP/WSDL toolkits entirely.
      > If we're reduced to parsing XML documents, all SOAP+WSDL has
      > accomplished is the soap:Header tag. That's not so exciting.
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