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10114RE: [soapbuilders] state of the art on interoperability

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  • Rich Salz
    Feb 16, 2005
      > There's a cultural problem here, too. Are any of the current Python,
      > Perl, or PHP SOAP toolkit developers even on this mailing list? My
      > impression is SOAPbuilders is mostly done and current interop work has
      > moved to WS-I, but I don't see a lot of open source hackery happening
      > in the WS-I world.

      I'm still here, of course, even though my checkins to the Python
      code are pretty limited. :)

      You bring up a very interesting point. I wonder how we can address it?

      I'll start by mentioning this on the list (although the ZSI docs
      mention the list in the frontmatter) and see if I can't get more
      folks there to join here. On the WSI front, I could suggest that
      they/we do more outreach to the open source folks. Perhaps they could host
      a mailing list. Note that all the specs and toolkits they release
      are free...
      Rich Salz Chief Security Architect
      DataPower Technology http://www.datapower.com
      XS40 XML Security Gateway http://www.datapower.com/products/xs40.html
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