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10105RE: [soapbuilders] state of the art on interoperability

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  • Doug Davis
    Feb 14, 2005
      With the endpoint we'll test against anyone who wants to test with us.
      Our endpoint allows implementations to act either as a client or a server
      (if those are the proper terms for the tests).  What the other end is
      implemented in is up to the other end.  Anyone is welcome to hit the
      endpoint and if issues are found they manage to find me pretty quickly
      and we figure out  what's going on.

      Since my primary language is not one of the ones you mentioned I
      can't really comment on the ease with which they interop, but as I said
      in a previous note, and I think I speak for most (if not all of us), that if someone
      is using one of those languages and they run into a problem trying to
      interop with an endpoint  they should contact the endpoint owner and I
      bet a resolution can be found pretty fast.  If the problem is with your specific
      SOAP stack then you might have to track down the author of that stack.  

      One of the things that I have run into (in the past) is that when the SOAP
      stack I was using didn't support a newer feature I almost always found
      a way to get what I needed by avoiding the "canned" tooling and did a
      little bit of hand-crafting until the tooling caught up.  Would this approach
      work for you?


      Nelson Minar <nelson@...>

      02/14/2005 02:12 PM

      Please respond to

      RE: [soapbuilders] state of the art on interoperability

      >As for the WS-Needlepoint - not sure what to say.  In the interop
      >events I've been involved in we've never had trouble with the
      >doc/lit side of things.

      What are you testing against?

      The primary problem I have is with Perl, PHP, and Python. These
      languages are often overlooked by "serious systems integrators", but
      they're exactly the right thing for a lot of web service clients. But
      the libraries available for all three platforms still have serious
      deficiencies in WSDL support and in document/literal support.

      This group is a forum for builders of SOAP implementations to discuss implementation and interoperability issues.  Please stay on-topic.
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