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10101RE: [soapbuilders] state of the art on interoperability

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  • Doug Davis
    Feb 14, 2005
      Well, they're not endpoints to specifically test doc/lit, they focus on
      a certain WS-* spec, but the app-level messages do use doc/lit.  
      Just as an example, IBM has an endpoint to test WS-RM:
        http://wsi.alphaworks.ibm.com:8080/wsrm  (for more info)
      We do have others and if there's a specific spec you're interested
      in testing just drop me a note and if we don't have an endpoint up
      I'll see if we can get one (can't guarantee anything but ya never know  :-)
      Others have endpoints too but I'll let them post their URLs.

      As for the WS-Needlepoint - not sure what to say.  In the interop
      events I've been involved in we've never had trouble with the
      doc/lit side of things.  Any issues that came up we're focused on
      the WS-* spec we were testing - and even those ended up being
      minor requests for clarification rather than real interop issues.


      Nelson Minar <nelson@...>

      02/14/2005 01:27 PM

      Please respond to

      RE: [soapbuilders] state of the art on interoperability

      When I talk to people who build web services toolkits I feel like
      we're in two different worlds. I build web services people use and
      interop seems really difficult. But the tool vendors say it's great
      and spin pictures of fancy WS-Needlepoint on top of this wonderful
      basic framework. Maybe we're evaluating different use cases? Or to
      different standards?

      >It should also be noted that there are quite a few live endpoints
      >that have been specifically setup to help ad-hoc interop testing -
      >allowing people to test w/o having to wait for a formal interop

      I know about the old soapbuilders rpc/encoded endpoints, but is there
      something for document/literal?

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