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10099RE: [soapbuilders] state of the art on interoperability

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  • Doug Davis
    Feb 14, 2005

        Clearly everyone's mileage may vary but as previous postings have
      noted interoperability has been achieved beyond the basic
      SOAP stacks - including interoperability on specs such as WS-RM,
      WS-T/SC, WS-RF, WS-A, WS-C, WS-AT and WS-BA just to name a
      few of my personal favorites.  :-)   Look at:
      for a more extensive list - but even that's not the complete list since
      those are just a few of the ones IBM has participated in, and then
      of course there's the WS-I interop work.
        And to echo other's sentiments, if interop issues do come up don't
      hesitate to bring them to the mailing list (or to the product
      specific owners) - I think its fair to say that we're all interested
      in achieving interoperability.  It should also be noted that there
      are quite a few live endpoints that have been specifically setup to
      help ad-hoc interop testing - allowing people to test w/o having to
      wait for a formal interop event.

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