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10095Re: [soapbuilders] state of the art on interoperability

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  • Nelson Minar
    Feb 13, 2005
      >What are the sort of interoperability problems currently happening?

      From my experience nothing interoperates well, even in the basic SOAP
      stack. rpc/encoded used to work OK, within its limitations but now
      that's deprecated it's not a realistic option for new services. So
      you're stuck with document/literal where practice isn't great.

      .NET and Java can mostly interop with document/literal, although there
      are problems there. Perl, Python, and PHP all have significant trouble
      with document/literal services. Honestly, if you're in a hurry in one
      of those languages you're better off working with raw XML. At least
      with doc/lit that's not so bad.

      The situation is much worse if you try to go beyond basic SOAP to any
      of the WS-* stuff.

      >What are the problems that remain open?

      My favourite example these days is how hard it is to send empty
      elements, say for optional integers. You have two choices: don't send
      the element all, or send one with a "nil" attribute to True:
      <myInteger xsi:nil="true"/>
      Axis likes to use the nil attributes. .NET 1.1 doesn't understand
      them. End result? Interop between Axis and .NET is a real pain.

      This is a very clear and simple example. The failures of complex data
      structures in various toolkits is often much more complicated to
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