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10091Need Ur Help in Web Service :-)

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  • Pradeep
    Feb 5, 2005

      I am facing following problem ::

      I have declared my web service object in VC++ like this ...

      WebReference::Service1* ob = new WebReference::Service1();
      cout<<"last name = "<< ob->HelloWorld()<<endl;

      Now what is happening .. actually ob->HelloWorld is returning is
      printing 1 as its return value, and not the String that I am expecting
      from it. The return value is behaving as a True and False value ..

      Since When I am comparing it like ....

      Console::WriteLine("Hello If");
      Console::WriteLine("Hello Else");

      It prints Hello Else .. So Can U suggest me what's the way to fetch
      the String value .....instead of Boolean that I am getting here ......

      Waiting to read from SomeOne ..

      It's a bit urgent

      best regards!!