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10067Question: When to use SOAP Attchments?

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  • Bhanu Prakash Madhineni
    Jan 13, 2005
      Hello All,

      I need help to decide whether I want to send string array which could
      be the size of few Mega Bytes in the normal SOAP response without
      using SWA (SOAP with Attachments) or DIME. I would like to choose to
      send the string array in simple SOAP without attachments to avoid any
      interoperability issues as I understood (PLEASE CORRECT ME IF I AM
      WRONG) that SOAP with Attchments is mostly supported in Java
      platforms and DIME is mostly supported in .NET platforms.

      The below file uploaded to this group will give some background
      information for my thinking.


      I undertsand that MTOM spec http://www.w3.org/TR/2004/PR-soap12-mtom-
      20041116/ is the best to use as it is future proof and is supposed to
      not to have any interoperability issues as it might most probably be
      a WS-i recommendation in future. BUt I can not really use MTOM now as
      I could not find any production level implementations of that
      spcification as of now.

      Any kinds of help\ comments will be appreciated.