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10062Re: [soapbuilders] .NET, SOAP encoded types and arrays

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  • Nelson Minar
    Dec 18, 2004
      >If you'll recall, *doc/lit* interop was in fact vastly harder to
      >achieve, and many toolkits for scripting languages like PERL and Python
      >still don't support it very well if at all, although their RPC/enc
      >behavior is impeccable.

      As a builder of SOAP services intended for public use, I can confirm
      how big a problem this is. Trying to use document/literal web services
      from clients in PHP, Python, or Perl is really difficult. And I
      despair of good doc/lit ever being implemented in those languages,
      because of the general anti-SOAP feeling from many folks who would be
      natural developers for scripting languages. They're too busy getting
      things done with ad-hoc solutions to keep up with WS-* documents.

      I like doc/lit better than rpc/encoded too, and I think that WS-I BP
      1.0 is a great piece of work. But as a practical matter the switch to
      doc/lit has set back interop.
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