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10057Re: [soapbuilders] .NET, SOAP encoded types and arrays

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  • Glen Daniels
    Dec 17, 2004
      Hi Chris, all:

      Christopher B Ferris wrote:
      > Right, WS-I says not to use rpc/encoded for a reason. SOAP encoding is the
      > bane of interoperability in
      > Web services.

      Oy. I'm sorry, but I've heard this too many times now.

      The fact is that RPC/enc interop was working with tons of toolkits LONG
      before the BP was even finished, and in fact before WS-I was even
      formed. Doesn't anyone remember all the activity around, oh, (he says
      glancing at the "to" line) Soapbuilders?


      If you'll recall, *doc/lit* interop was in fact vastly harder to
      achieve, and many toolkits for scripting languages like PERL and Python
      still don't support it very well if at all, although their RPC/enc
      behavior is impeccable.

      I'm not going to say that literal (including rpc/lit, because some of us
      still think that RPC-style interactions *are* actually important in many
      cases, even if we also think document-passing is the way to go) isn't a
      fine way to move forward, but neither am I going to be silent while
      people claim that there was so much trouble getting RPC interop working,
      when in fact this very group was instrumental in doing just that well
      before doc/lit became the gold standard. The anti-RPC backlash was
      about politics, FUD, and the fact that certain companies baked doc/lit
      (and "pseudo-rpc" wrapped mode) into their widely distributed toolkits
      as the default, much more than it was about technology or interop problems.

      > Note also that neither SOAP1.1, nor SOAP1.2, require support
      > for SOAP encoding:
      > http://www.w3.org/TR/2000/NOTE-SOAP-20000508/#_Toc478383512
      > "Use of the data model and encoding style described in this section is
      > encouraged but
      > not required; other data models and encodings can be used in conjunction
      > with
      > SOAP (see section 4.1.1). "
      > Thus, .NET may freely choose not to support its use.

      This is absolutely true. However, if it is going to support its use at
      all (which it currently does), it should do it correctly and completely,
      which means supporting the soapenc types as well as multiref encoding.

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