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172Re: SOAP develeopment

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  • rubys@us.ibm.com
    Nov 7, 2001
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      --- In soap-newbies@y..., "Cornel Antohi" <cantohi@k...> wrote:

      > Someone tells me to work with soap and asked me what language
      offers the
      > best support for this. He recomand me Delphi. What do you say ?

      IMHO, the best answer is that the statements that SOAP is both
      platform neutral and language neutral are not hype. Pick the
      language that is the best for your application, and then pick the
      best SOAP implemenatation for your platform.

      Paul Kulchenko maintains a list of SOAP implementations at
      http://www.soapware.org/directory/4/implementations . If you are
      concerned about interoperability (as you should be), I'd recommend
      checking http://www.whitemesa.com/interop.htm to see how well other
      implementations interoperate with your choice.

      Good luck!

      - Sam Ruby
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