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161Re: New Message: Comments on WSDL

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  • rubys@us.ibm.com
    Nov 5, 2001
      --- In soap-newbies@y..., webmaster@u... wrote:
      > A new message was posted:
      > Address: http://www.soapware.org/discuss/msgReader$21
      > By: Dave Winer (dave@u...)
      > <li>It can only work in static environments such as Java and .Net
      > and not in dynamic environments that are popular with Web
      > developers, including but not limited to Perl, Python, PHP, and
      > UserLand Frontier.<p>
      > <li>There can be no significant support for this by independent
      > developers because it shuts them out.<p>

      Shh... don't tell the independent developers working on SOAP::Lite
      or PHPXMLP or any of the folks at ActiveState.

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