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154Re: [soap-newbies] New Message: Comments on WSDL

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  • Julian Bond
    Nov 5, 2001
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      In article <0c3c01c1662a$b00d0f30$33a1dc40@murphy>, Dave Winer
      <dave@...> writes
      >The problem is this -- in a dynamic environment, I can't automatically
      >generate WSDL because while I may know the number of incoming params, I have
      >no idea what their type is. Only the programmer knows.

      Isn't this back to front? It's the programmer producing the server that
      needs to generate the WSDL and presumably they know what types the
      parameters are?

      And as for the reader of the WSDL, writing the client, they already know
      how to convert the SOAP types to their local internal types.

      If this is an argument about strong typing, last time I looked both SOAP
      and XML-RPC were inherently string typed, and weakly typed environments
      like PHP already have to jump through hoops to cope with them. Adding an
      additional translation layer to dynamically connect to a server via WSDL
      looks hard but not impossible. The issue of typing is no different from
      what we're already having to cope with.

      This also ignores the end-point definitions in WSDL. Once you've built
      the client that connects to a specific server, WSDL could provide a
      mechanism to redirect to a new instance of the server without any other

      In article <9s6r0h+9bd@...>, tblanchard2@... writes
      >From: "Doug Davis" <dug@u...>
      >Incidentally - in your first rant - I could replace the phrase WSDL
      >with SOAP and add Userland to the list of company names and you'd
      >pretty well capture how I feel about SOAP.

      LOL! And even more so with XML-RPC, but that's another story ;-)

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