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  • https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RzurOLMD1BM
    sortelli@... Jul 11
  • Which morning?
    sortelli@... Jul 7
  • I'm trying to find the optimal balance between sitting on the beach hoping for the wind to come and commit to a bike ride. Anything lower than 70-80% guarantee of wind, I'll go bike ride
    sortelli@... Jul 6
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  • My read is that it's going to be iffy. Too much NW flow during the night. Any different reading? Of course I hope to be wrong
    sortelli@... Jul 6
  • Hi wind gurus, is there anyone willing to shot a prediction for tomorrow?
    sortelli@... Jul 3
  • Some clouds in Surprise Valley but not too bad. Looks thicker toward town and cleaner toward LP. Wind visible at Surprise Valley, non as strong as yesterday. In summary, maybe works, maybe does not work
    sortelli@... Jul 2
  • How do you think saturday will be?
    sortelli@... Jun 29
  • I was there with my bike! Launch at super secret spot shows a success rate lower than 50% for me... I better wait for Barkley
    sortelli@... May 29
  • Anyone at LP this morning? How was it?
    sortelli@... May 28
  • Good for them
    sortelli@... Feb 7