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  • There is the presence factor to bake into the forecast. If nobody goes, wind shows up
    sortelli@... 5:52 PM
  • Snow really sucks, we spent the weekend in Jackson looking for something better than Bogus, but's basically same ice slopes Best choice really looks to align to global warming ang go for water
    sortelli@... Feb 16
  • we booked a cabin on the lake from 8/8 to 8/15. we are 3 families and I'm the only kiter. I'll manage to get kids to windsurf lessons, but I don't know for sure. This morning there was wind at LP, with temperature in the 50's
    sortelli@... Feb 5
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  • How'weather? Is there a need of wetsuit?
    sortelli@... Feb 4
  • ...good solution From: Jim Tighe [mailto:jim@^$1] Sent: Wednesday, February 04, 2015 10:35 AM To: snowkiteidaho@^$2; Stefano Ortelli (sortelli) Subject: RE: [snowkiteidaho] Oregon coast in July There is a camp ground at the Floras Lake site right in front of the B&B that...
    Stefano Ortelli (sortelli) Feb 4
  • My wife liked it! this is best news in the year. I think we will go Floras Lake, B&B requires kids to be 12+ but we found cabins for rental. will just to get three families to agree what week to go and book, I think we will make it.
    sortelli@... Feb 4
  • Thanks! very helpfull. It will be one week between very end of July and first half of August. I'll be with family and non-kiting friends so highest priority is to be family friendly spot (Floras Lake looks the most appropriate from descriptions). I'll provide details as soon as will move to planning/booking
    sortelli@... Feb 3
  • Any recommendation for a kite beach on the Oregon Coast in July?
    sortelli@... Feb 2
  • Anyone at Bogus today or tomorrow?
    sortelli@... Jan 1
  • That is cool! Bogus had 2 inches of new snow... I'll be there monday and tuesday, family event on the ski
    sortelli@... Dec 28, 2014