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  • https://youtu.be/s_3sagE0NyE
    jwattboi@... Aug 23
  • I got there at 7:30. Off the water about 8:45. Camp host said somebody called them so one of them let me in the shed and I power cycled the hotspot. Only other person up there was somebody swimming laps.
    jwattboi@... Jul 12
  • Light 14 and big board this morning. Reset wifi when I left. -------- Original message -------- From: "'Steve Linane' itile@^$1 [snowkiteidaho]" Date:07/11/2015 11:27 (GMT-07:00) To: snowkiteidaho@^$2,boisesailors@^$3 Subject: [snowkiteidaho] Sat. LP report 7to 8 not bad could have been winder and filled in a bit more but not bad , then backed off a bit then the sun came out and it...
    jwattboi Jul 12
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  • Maybe a small chance for a river run late this afternoon. -------- Original message -------- From: "sortelli@^$1 [snowkiteidaho]" Date:07/05/2015 07:29 (GMT-07:00) To: snowkiteidaho@^$2 Subject: [snowkiteidaho] Re: [BSA] LP Sunday morning... Hops 15 mph. Anyone's going?
    jwattboi Jul 5
  • 12 and big board worked. Lots of cruising/mowing with some occasional jumps. I should have used the 14. 17m Zephyrs would have been the ticket as the wind was mostly smooth. ---In snowkiteidaho@^$1, wrote : Jason and I got some at LL. 14m for me and 12 for Jason. It was right on the edge for me. I would ride the highs and wait out the lows. Jason got some pretty solid riding on his...
    jwattboi@... May 24
  • Lonely! Nobody else showed up. But a great time and I had 3 hours on the water. Flew the 9, it backed down slightly and I came back in for the 12 after a while, but it did pick back up by the time I got done. Breaking clouds when I got there and nothing but sun when I left.
    jwattboi@... May 17
  • I'm leaving for Gotts shortly. I'll be there around noon.
    jwattboi@... May 16
  • Who's going today? Looks like maybe a 7/9 for CJ or maybe a 12 for Lowell. I can leave about 11:30.
    jwattboi@... May 16
  • I Gott an hour and a half in. 12m, went out on big board for the first half hour, it picked up and I went out on the regular board. Good solid power with relatively few short-lived lulls or gusts. Some locals said someone else was out for a while before me. I don't know who it was.
    jwattboi@... May 9
  • I'm heading to gotts to check it out. Not sure it's gonna work but might be worth checking out. -------- Original message -------- From: "tony s williams tonyswilliams@^$1 [snowkiteidaho]" Date:05/09/2015 11:28 (GMT-07:00) To: snowkiteidaho@^$2 Subject: [snowkiteidaho] Who's going where Tony here. I am keen to get out today. Give me a call to set up a time. 340 4167 Sent using...
    jwattboi May 9