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  • ...2 > wrote: 3mi 7m all day long. A 5m would have been nice. Swell, classic. Sent from my iPhone On Aug 29, 2015, at 10:58 AM, billyg2477@^$3 [snowkiteidaho] < snowkiteidaho@^$4 > wrote: I pumped up my 17 m kite at the super secret spot. No wind and packed up. As I...
    billyg2477@... Aug 30
  • I pumped up my 17 m kite at the super secret spot. No wind and packed up. As I'm walking out Rusty and Will show up with their foils. And did you guys make it out??? Sent from my iPhone
    billyg2477@... Aug 29
  • Will, I'm glad you were able to get wet and remain positive even with all your mishaps. We've all been there but probably minus the foil board. That part sounded difficult. The only time I've had a 7 m at Lucky Peak is windsurfing. Bill Sent from my iPhone On Aug 26, 2015, at 10:31 AM, Will Hise will.hise@^$1 [snowkiteidaho] < snowkiteidaho@^$2 > wrote: (warning! Boring story ahead...
    billyg2477@... Aug 26
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  • I will be signing a license for operation and maintenance of the weather station at Lucky Peak dam. This is required by the Army Corps of Engineers. There is no cost to us. It is just paperwork that is needed. It allows us to have the weather station up there for five years from March 9, 2014. Apparently it was missed last year. If there are no objections to this I will proceed...
    billyg2477@... Aug 20
  • Correct, at this time we are not collecting. We will let you all know if that changes. Bill Sent from my iPhone On Aug 1, 2015, at 2:14 PM, Steve Linane < itile@^$1 > wrote: No PayPal or GoFundMe accounts , but that is a good idea . its one poor guy going around asking for money , this last time it was Jim Tighe , and he did a great job if I might add . Last I heard we had a small...
    billyg2477@... Aug 2
  • My fellow constituents, Wow, I said see you in the morning in my post yesterday and nobody showed up this morning except the newbie, Reggie. I was out for a little over an hour on my 17 m. Was a fun day. Not sure we can call Reggie a newbie anymore as he was getting into his harness today for the first time. Also he did his first launch and catch of a kite. Thanks a lot Reggie! I...
    billyg2477@... Jul 23
  • I do not recall a specific list of rules. Over the years there certainly have been rules recommended. I think the recent suggestions are great. If there are many kiters present we try not to let our lines out until we are ready to go. Respect each other's space on the water and on the beach. Especially when you see a new Kiter on the water it is recommended to try to stay up wind...
    billyg2477@... Jul 22
  • 1st question my son asked was; did he include the wave. Twice!! Great work!! Bill Sent from my iPhone On Jul 10, 2015, at 9:50 PM, Rusty Hill < rustyshill@^$1 > wrote: So, A couple of you are famous… I originally shot the footage of everyone up at lucky peak for a project I’ve been working on. It’s a lifestyle video of Boise for a local real estate brokerage. I hope you guys...
    billyg2477@... Jul 11
  • Chris Lee and his IT department feel they figured out what was the problem this morning. Jason may be up on a ladder tomorrow replacing sensor battery. THANKS to ALL you guys for your continued help. Bill Sent from my iPhone
    billyg2477@... Jul 9
  • On site report. Wind has been up-and-down. Kind of gusty at times. It is now raining. I have not seen lightning. Chris has been trying to work on the weather station. We are not sure what is wrong. One beginner windsurfer was out for a bit without a wetsuit! It is cold Bill Sent from my iPhone
    billyg2477@... Jul 9