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RE: [snowkiteidaho] Weekend snowkiting?

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  • steve linane
    To bad you guys couldn t of got away on the 27 th 52 and windy at CJ/river and yesterday was 5/7 meter weather 33G44 at CJ/river but only 45 degrees that is a
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 1, 2011
      To bad you guys couldn't of got away on the 27 th 52 and windy at CJ/river and yesterday was 5/7 meter weather  33G44 at CJ/river but only 45 degrees that is a wind chill of about 27 . But no wind in the forecast For the water or the snow Saturday or Sunday . Even LP looks bad if you could stand the cold , I have seen some big numbers on the LP raws lately, up to 25 one morning .

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      I would like to go. I have some new bindings that I need to try. 


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      I know it's only humpday, but I'm thinking about the weekend. Is there enough snow anywhere yet to get our snowkite on?

      I heard from a friend there were people riding in Sun Valley at the Warm Spring Lodge last weekend. That's a good sign, but a tad far. If anyone feels like chasing a fix this weekend, let me know. I have never gone this long without kiting when I'm not injured.


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