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RE: [BSA] ...info for those new to snowkiteidaho site...

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  • Jason Brickner
    Jon.... Opening the can of worms.... Let the fun begin.... ... _____ From: boisesailors@googlegroups.com [mailto:boisesailors@googlegroups.com] On Behalf Of
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      Opening the can of worms....  Let the fun begin....

      From: boisesailors@... [mailto:boisesailors@...] On Behalf Of Jon Bolt
      Sent: Thursday, May 19, 2011 10:05 AM
      To: Snowkiteidaho
      Cc: idahokiteboarding@yahoogroups.com; Boise Sailors Association
      Subject: [BSA] ...info for those new to snowkiteidaho site...

      I may be an ignorant hermit, but judging by introduction emails recently seen, and messages from more & more new names unfamiliar to me, seems there may be a growing number of newbies making use of the snowkiteidaho group email community.  For the newbies, here's an addtional head's up on ground rules for snowkiteidaho, and a tip that may be useful to you.
      An activity common to us all is buying & selling gear.  We all do that occassionally.  Newbies look for stuff to get into the sport, experienced folks clear out the hoarded stuff to make room for changing tastes.  However, a rule of the snowkiteidaho group, enforced by the group's creator & moderator, is: NO GEAR PEDDLING messages.  While that may seem to senselessly prevent the group tool from serving another useful purpose in an activity common to us all, the group moderator wishes to prevent group communication from becoming dominated by peddling messages and sales spam.  To that end, the snowkiteidaho group has been very successful.  However, as a result of this ground rule, newbies should be aware that if they wish to see gear for-sale notices (where gear can be seen in person & even demo'ed, and dealing is local), or wish to broadcast requests for any gear needs, to see that type of messaging (in addition to the normal general messaging) you'll need to setup membership in either:
      "Boise Sailors Association" <BoiseSailors@...>, within Google groups: http://groups.google.com/?pli=1
      Only by enrolling in those two sites will you see gear buy/sell messages, and be able to post any of your own.
      While the Boise Sailors' Assocation group (serving both windsurfers and kiters) has been in existence decades longer than Snowkiteidaho, never had the "no gear peddling" restriction, and in that time has shown gear peddling messaging to be both a negligible fraction of total group communication and also useful to its members, nevertheless, given that group moderation is a voluntary action we are obliged to respect the rules of snowkiteidaho and its creator/moderator.  So if you want to see or post gear sale message, enroll in these two other groups in addition to Snowkiteidaho.  Kinda complicated, I know, but that's the situation.
      You'll also find that BoiseSailors is the primary target group for communication related to the biggest issues facing both kiters and windsurfers, e.g., possibility of use restrictions at Lake Lowell, dealings with the Army Corps of Engineers related to Lucky Peak use, etc.  I strongly advise setting up membership in Boise Sailors to assure receipt of messaging relating to the biggest issues of common interest to us all.
      Welcome newbies...

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