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RE: [snowkiteidaho] RE: Aruba update

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  • Dr. Binegar
    Westy, Thanks for the reminder on the vest/impact type harnesses. My daughter, Madi, likes those. Not sure why I haven t tried yet. Seems it would work
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      Thanks for the reminder on the vest/impact type harnesses.  My daughter, Madi, likes those.  Not sure why I haven’t tried yet.  Seems it would work great esp up at Lucky Peak when already have wet suit on and I often have my small water ski life vest on too.


      I talked to a guy in Naples today and he’s saying no wind until maybe Sunday afternoon.  So I guess no skipping out of my conference early.  Maybe I’ll learn something.


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      Just another thought on harnesses. Due to the blue juevo effect and the bad lumbar spine inflamation I went with an impact vest that has a harness built in last year. It seems to be great because it doubles as a life jacket with a harness built in. You are welcome to try it before you buy anything, it is working for me on the water. The only problem I have is my pear shape instead of your hourglass physique, and the minimal riding up that one would expect from a Yokahamab's like me.
      Great seeing Steve and Hemp on the snow today!

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      Hi All,


      Thanks for the feedback on harnesses.  Sounds like I'll at least try a waist harness as I am tiring of that wedgy feeling.


      Tried communicating earlier, but had fun on return flight.  Emergency landing in Dominican Republic due to right front door not pressurizing.  DR media reported door as flying off.  Looked for Billy.  Landed JFK midnight and had to go thru customs again with two girls, 5 bags(two large board bags), overnight in bug infested hotel, sleep 2 hours, then onto Buffalo .  Dakota's team lost on Fri, so hockey over.  Saw Niagra Falls instead with family.  Good to be almost home.  Sitting in Vegas now.  SW grounded some planes due to emergency landing of their own yesterday, apparently with  metal parts flying off?


      Actually going to Naples Beach , Fla Tuesday for a conference.  Hoping to check out kiting there.  No kids this time and Wendy joining me Friday:)   Anyone familiar with the Naples area?


      Thanks,  Bill


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      Agreed.  Looking forward to summer. 90f down at disneyland today. 


      -Jason Brickner

      Olympus Controls



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      Good to hear Aruba is going well. 


      Corpus has been equally good but probably not as pretty.  :-) just one day of light wind.  One day at the jetty with surf. Today should be the grand finale. 


      I have switched to the waist because it has relieved my LBP and I want the 6 pack abs. But it also has issues but I'm getting over it. 


      Headed back Friday. Having fun but miss Idaho ;-). Looking forward to kitesurfing summer. Laura is back in the game as well.  And Dan &Jen are shredding it too!!!

      Eddy Petranek 


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      you are the man , no video no problem just post a picture . very cool the whole family kiting . I got to see Aruba for myself one of these days . Its been a long time since I used a waist harness . but I think it has advantages over the set when unhooked and it gives more freedom of movement ( if you can make those moves in the first place ) . another good thing the waist will really work your abs for that 6 pack look . My problem with the waist was the spreader bar saw a little higher witch put my control bar further away and I have trouble reaching my power strap as it is . Also I like the set for the lower center of gravity in gusty wind , I don't get pulled off my edge as easily .

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      www update.  Wind every day,but first couple days were a rodeo.  Wind has smoothed out and had great time last two days both kiting and wsurfing, no wetsuit or booties.  Really enjoying being barefoot.  May need to breakdown and replace my windsurfing rig that was stolen early last summer.  Wendy and Madi doing great on their kites. Off to Buffalo , NY tomorrow as Dakota's hockey team made Nationals again this year.  Sorry not techy, so no videos.  Sounds like there has been some fun on the Camas!


      Switched from my seat harness to shorts with harness built in and thought I liked it initially, but now not so sure.  Too thin of a back support when jumping, wrenches my back.  Most everyone down here using waist harness while kiting.  Any thoughts anyone? 








    • Steve Linane
      we got 1 inch its blowing 20 plus now and going to get winder and stay windy through Friday
      Message 151 of 151 , Feb 19, 2014
        we got 1 inch its blowing 20 plus now  and going to get winder and stay windy through Friday
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