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  • Eddy Petranek
    Hey guys Jeff has some wicked deals going on if anybody is looking for great prices on kites. Eddy _____ From: info@prokitesurf.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 19, 2006
      Hey guys Jeff has some wicked deals going on if anybody is looking for great prices on kites.

      From: info@... [mailto:info@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, September 19, 2006 2:17 PM
      To: epetranek@...
      Subject: NAISH BLOWOUT!!!

      NAISH KITE BLOWOUT SALE!!!!!!!!!!!

      Hello Everyone.

      We have just been given an unbelievable opportunity to give killer deals on Naish Closeout Kite gear. Everything listed is Brand New!!! These are final sale deals.  If your interested in taking multiple kites, we will give a bigger discount.  Make sure to send this to all your friends and family, as this is only given to those on our e-mail list.  First come first serve on all kites.


      To hold a particular kite and size, Call or send us an e-mail at   INFO@... 

      Call at 1-361 883 1473   This sale will cause some phone delays, so if you don't get a person make sure to leave a message with what your interested in.

      If your interested in seeing what the exact model is go to www.naishkites.com

      Raven Kites
      X7-69092006 Raven 9.0 Kite Only $ 453.00
      X7-69102006 Raven 10.0 Kite Only $ 469.00
      X7-69122006 Raven 12.0 Kite Only $ 499.00
      X7-69142006 Raven 14.0 Kite Only $ 550.00
      X7-69162006 Raven 16.0 Kite Only $ 575.00
      X7-69202006 Raven 20.0 Kite Only $ 599.00
      *Complete Kite w/ Shift 27m System Add $199.00
      X7-59162005 RAVEN KITE ONLY- 16.0 $ 485.00
      X7-59202005 RAVEN KITE ONLY- 20.0 $ 499.00
      *Complete Kite w/ Shift 27m System Add $150 
      Torch Kites
      X7-68122006 Torch 12.0 Kite Only $ 550.00
      X7-68142006 Torch 14.0 Kite Only $ 599.00
      X7-68162006 Torch 16.0 Kite Only $ 635.00
      X7-68202006 Torch 20.0 Kite Only $ 650.00
      *Complete Kite w/ Shift 24m System Add $199.00
      X7-58162005 TORCH KITE ONLY - 16.0 $ 499.00
      X7-58182005 TORCH KITE ONLY - 18.0 $ 450.00
      X7-58202005 TORCH KITE ONLY - 20.0 $ 475.00
      *Complete Kite w/ Shift 24m System Add $150 
      Boxer Kites
      X7-51082005 BOXER KITE ONLY-8.0 $ 385.00
      X7-51092005 BOXER KITE ONLY-9.0 $ 395.00
      X7-51162005 BOXER KITE ONLY-16.0 $ 499.00
      X7-51192005 BOXER KITE ONLY-19.0 $ 499.00
      *Complete Kite w/ Shift 24m System Add $100
      X7-46092004 Boxer 9.0 (w/ 27m WHITE lines) $ 399.00
      X7-47092004 Boxer 9.0 (w/22m WHITE lines) $ 399.00
      Element Snow Foil Kites
      X7-6312Element 12.0 Complete $ 625.00


      We look forward to getting you riding for less!!!


      Corpus Christi TX

      361 883 1473

      USA's #1 Repair center


      www.crazyflyusa.com FULL carbon Pro Kiteboards


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