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Re: [snowkiteidaho] La Ventana report...

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  • Jon Bolt
    Look at wind speed variation. It s huge up the LV/ES coast. wind has westerly direction tumbling over the mountains behind ES. Will go to bufadora today
    Message 1 of 14 , Feb 4, 2011
      Look at wind speed variation.  It's huge up the LV/ES coast.  wind has westerly direction tumbling over the mountains behind ES.  Will go to bufadora today where it should be smoother, do waves and that flatwater lagoon has filled because strong El Norte.  Not many kiters or windsurfers out yesterday at either Joes or campground.  Conditions too poor.

      On Thu, Feb 3, 2011 at 12:36 PM, steve linane <itile@...> wrote:

      Or Jon brake out the surfboards , ride able surf in the picture at Baja Joes and you know it will be huge at the bufidora

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      Got cold down here too.  Yesterday (Wed) forecast was for another light day then El Norte arrive Thursday (today) w/ big winds.  Well, Wed started light so I took my 11m to the hotsprings beach to start downwinder about 12:30.  Looked nice 12m stuff.  By time we all setup & I launched  it was clear the El Norte barged in to replace the weenie winds.  I launched and instantly see I'm to OP'ed.  Land and both shorten fronts and lengthen backs for big depower.  By time I launch  again it came up even more.  My 9 & 7m back at the property.  Went out & tried it but aborted downwinder and came in an landed. Sickly OPed. To scary to do anything.  Buddies came in on their 9's then went out on 7's.  About 3pm camper at north beach measure 30mph average and it climbed after that. Baja Joe's sensor understates.  People on 5m down at campground.  One friend OPed on 7m by time he gets to campground.  Raging wind all day & throughout the night.  Already 7m this AM.  Huge rollers.  Just heard several trailers at campground were swamped by invading wind driven surf.  That El Norte is COLD...10-15 degrees cooler in days.  Highs in 60's w/ windchill.   Today 7m for sure.

      On Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 9:48 PM, Jason Brickner <jasonbrickner@...> wrote:

      You need a sign, "will boost for pescado y camerones".  I remember that downwinder with the shrimps boats. What a great time. Keep it coming.  It's cold up here. 

      -Jason Brickner
      Olympus Controls

      Please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors.  Sent from my phone.

      On Feb 1, 2011, at 8:23 AM, "Jon Bolt" <idakiteman@...> wrote:

      I was wrong in last report guessing yesterday would be thermal winds 12-14m stuff.  Started way weak barely fourteenable but about 3pm the beginnings of coming el norte arrive and in 30 minutes it goes off.  Those on 12's OP'ed and flock in to rig down.  Powered 9-10m until dark.  With El Norte now here again, today probably even more...8am and already whitecaps.

      ...ceviche from the shrimp boats was absolutely world's best.  Far better than the ceviche served at Bruce's after double cross.  Naturally those marineros would make the killer ceviche.  Doin' the camarones tonight.



      On Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 11:06 PM, Jason Brickner <jasonbrickner@...> wrote:

      LOVE IT!!!
      Just what I needed.  Thanks for sharin' the stoke.  I sure hope to make that trip again someday.

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      Keep those reports coming.  Since I have no time to get near snow and/or Mexico / DR / any other warm sites are out of the question until May, I crave your reports. 

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      Reminder, this is a snowkite group e-mail and not intended for www, warm-water-wusses.  Seriously, glad to hear you’re living the dream!

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      Yesterday 10 to low 20's I think, thermal wind, smoooooth.  Epic sesh on 2009 Eclipse 14m Thruster.  8 mile downwinder from hot springs to Baja Joe's.   4 anchored shrimp boats to pass...get real close and jump to compare height against main mast.  I'm the only rider jumping next to boats, w/ epic conditions for huge air.  Trying to sail over stern corner of the boats.  Shrimpers come out to watch & hoot & ask for encores.  Workers on first boat motion me close and ask if I want some camarones !...CLARO QUE SI !  I do a few more laps & huge airs hitting mast tip height while they put the goods in empty milk jug.  I slowly creep past stern and he reaches way down and I up as far as I can to grab the jug.  Then not much air & no tricks while holding jug, but on to the next boat where I throw the jug up to workers on the stern to hold (llevar para una momento) while I do another round of airs & tricks for their entertainment (and mine).  They add a load of ceviche to the jug and one worker holds the other's legs as they hand it back down.  Then off to nearest kiters on beach @ Cap'n Kirks to get them to put the jug in their fridge, so I can go back to free hands for tricks & airs for rest of the session.  Land at Joe's then pickup mariscos on way back to property...camarones don't get any fresher than right off the boat.

      Few days ago we entered the "double cross" race from hot springs to island and back to campground (22 miles total) on 9-10m kites.  What a trashing on a twin tip...thigh killer.  Crazy crowded launch (36 entrants) so I wait for craziness to end and I'm last to leave the beach.  I end up 19th in 53:29 and am second twintip rider to finish (other right in front of me).  4 did not finish due to lost boards, equipment failure, and just turning back from the pounding.  First two were windsurfers, first kiter 3rd who had a custom made race board (made by him).  Most all kiters used wave boards, which don't pound thighs so bad because you ride more on top instead of having to dig in the edge.  About 2/3rds of way out to island in middle of channel taking a pounding from big chaotic waves.  Totally focused on what's coming right in front of board, so no sight seeing.  Suddenly a giant ray erupts out of the water about 40 feet right in front of my path, rocketing double overhead then splashing back down.  Recharges the adrenaline to finish the race.

      Mother & calf whale playing in the bay very near shore this morning.  Probably another thermal wind today, hoping for as good as yesterday.  Can't wait to get powered up again on the 14.

      Todo para ahora...

      More later.

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