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  • Jon Bolt
    GROUP CHORUS: Hi Greg. We re here for ya ... GROUP CHORUS:   Hi Greg.  We re here for ya On Mon, Oct 18, 2010 at 4:32 PM, Greg Danley
    Message 1 of 9 , Oct 18, 2010
      "Hi Greg.  We're here for ya"

      On Mon, Oct 18, 2010 at 4:32 PM, Greg Danley <daflyinhawaiian64@...> wrote:

      :) hi my name is Greg I am a kiteaholic. I have been kiting for 1 year. I check the wind conditions at my local spots hourly from sun up to sun set even if there is no possibility making it out. When not sailing I am thinking about sailing. I visit the kite manufacturers web sites to see what's new and scour the for sale lists in search of gear I don't need and can't afford. I am a kiteaholic.

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      I agree with Jon concerning your kite addiction.  Say good-bye to your kids soccer games, wife, etc…  Just kite! 


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      Greg, there is no cure...best that can be done is therapy to keep it under control:  repeat after me..."Hi, my name's Greg....I'm a kiteaholic...been this way for______ years."  (GROUP CHORUS:  "HI, GREG").


      Jay puts his videos on kitesites.com.  I don't think there's any one place people put pictures...



      On Sat, Oct 16, 2010 at 1:54 PM, Greg Danley <daflyinhawaiian64@...> wrote:


      Hey Steve, I just signed up on the groups and was wondering where are the photos and videos being posted to? Obviously having withdrawls and jitters

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      From: "Steve Linane" <stevelinane@...>

      Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2010 13:31:54 -0600

      Subject: Re: [snowkiteidaho] Re: [BSA] Re: Saturday AM...



      at 6;21 it was SSW at 3.6 , I gave up .I don't remember seeing that happen before . I missed it too . Tomorrow holds very little promise and night time temps start to drop again next week . and no afternoon wind in sight . also the Gorge is shout down for the foreseeable future . double dang

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      Dang the #'s looked good from 9-11 +50 degrees! I was soccor dad this morning so couldn't make it! I hope someone got something!

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      From: Jon Bolt <idakiteman@...>

      Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2010 07:03:40 -0600

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      Subject: [snowkiteidaho] Re: [BSA] Re: Saturday AM...



      WIND BUST:


      52.9 °F

      33.7 °F






      back to sleep...


      On Sat, Oct 16, 2010 at 6:47 AM, Steve Linane <stevelinane@...> wrote:

      So disappointed this is a wind let down . and on top of that , no breakfast at Hilltop


      54.1 °F

      33.8 °F









      53.2 °F

      34.1 °F








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      From: Jon Bolt

      Sent: Friday, October 15, 2010 9:18 PM

      Subject: [BSA] Re: Saturday AM...


      Jim Tighe had great idea...breakfast @ Hilltop !!  Start of a new tradition !!!!!


      On Fri, Oct 15, 2010 at 6:28 PM, Jon Bolt <idakiteman@...> wrote:

      Overnight low should be 50+ @ airport.  That means 52-53 @ LP.  Likely last doable day of year @ LP.  Forecast looks strong.  Fire up Rocky Canyon road has put smoke in LP basin.  Who's up for last-of-season, SMOKIN' session & breakfast afterwards @ Capri?


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