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    Mannnnnn, you all missed it. the best wind must have been around Dark Thirty? At least according to our wind meter. Never the less, we got what was there.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2010

      Mannnnnn,  you all missed it.  the best wind must have been around Dark Thirty?  At least according to our wind meter.  Never the less,  we got what was there.  It did pick up as the sun lit up the lake.  Billy was way up wind so I went to visit him and kept going to Spring Shores and had breakfast.  Then did a slow downwinder as the wind shut off.  Once back in the Channel the wind gave one last blow and I planed all the way to the dock.  Eddy thought that was his chance also and almost made it right after.  He dropped his kite on the shore where I could catch it.  More tomorrow.

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