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RE: [snowkiteidaho] Re: [BSA] 15 Sept LP report

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  • Dr. Binegar
    I m seeing everyone launch their kite off that beach and at times having trouble. I ve been without difficulty the last 4-5 times doing the following: Hook
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      I’m seeing everyone launch their kite off that beach and at times having trouble.  I’ve been without difficulty the last 4-5 times doing the following:  Hook into my harness and walk towards my kite putting my lines in the water or near the water making sure no tangles and not getting caught on rocks or twigs.  Grab the kite in the center and walk towards  water and towards the points where the wind is.  I look under my kite as I’m walking to make sure it’s looping nicely without again catching anything.  Once all the lines are in the water, I walk in the water towards the point and pick up my board that I had left on the edge of the beach near the point.  Once I’m well in the wind(and I’m n the water now) I give the kite a spinning push away pulling on the left line.  This is a modified Eddy technique when we go up wind in his boat and launch from that beach.  In that scenario we are undoing our lines with kite bridle lines wrapped around our neck.  Then give the kite a push away, but Eddy is there to check our lines.  With my technique above( I actually saw Eddy do this)  my lines are laid out first so I can check them and then go for it.  The point is I’m in the wind and it’s basically like launching out in the middle.


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      I had to use it to keep my board with me as I drifted out of Brickner Bay .  It was a freakin' mess there with the 2 fishmen and their boat RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BEACH.  They just didn't get the fact they were COMPLETELY in our way.  My GOD!!! They have the whole lake and they park it right there just as we are pumping up our kites.  Very nice guys, but geez, why there?  I never see anyone there.


      Anyway, if I didn't drag my board out with me, I would have never been able to get to it.  All the while trying to launch my kite in flunky winds.  I never use a leash any other time... for several years now.




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      I only have one question, what is a competent kiter like yourself using a board leash for anyway?

      Kinda surprised by that one, although after body-dragging for half an hour the other day for my surfboard I half-considered your 'rope' technique.

      Just sayin' http://www.kiteboardleash.com/index.php?page=dangers

      --- In snowkiteidaho@yahoogroups.com, "Jason Brickner" <jasonbrickner@...> wrote:

      > Hey Steve-B,
      > Thanks for the report. Without the LP Windmeter its very hard to tell if
      > going to be an OK morning or a great morning now. Didn't matter for me
      > since my neck is so sore from getting whiplashed Monday, I decided to
      > in.
      > Long story... but I didn't bring my board lease Monday, so I tied a twelve
      > foot rope (I found on the beach) around my harness and then to my board.
      > After struggling with my kite and the fisherman who decided to setup camp
      > right in the middle of BB, I finally got my kite launched and drug out to
      > the good wind. Luckily my board was in tow behind me as I carefully tried
      > to keep the kite in the air while I drifted out of the bay. Success. But
      > then I had 8ft of rope dragging behind me while I was cruising. I decided
      > to untie the rope from the board. Then I had 12ft of rope dragging behind
      > me. It looked kinda cool so I started jumping with it still tied to my
      > harness. It was fun trying to jump high enough to get the rope all the way
      > out of the water. And that is what caused the whiplash. I kept jumping and
      > then looking underneath and behind me at the rope leave the water and whip
      > around under me. In the process of looking behind and jumping, I got
      > forward with my head cocked and then smacked the water now it's killing
      > I ditched the rope thing shortly thereafter. That's what I get for
      > around.
      > Maybe tomorrow.
      > -JBrick
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      > Same old story--get up early, check the numbers, see the potential,
      > with the wife, kiss the baby and run out the door, only to realize when
      > get to the lake and make the rocky trek that you have approximately 15
      > minutes to kite before you're officially late for work.
      > So I suited up and went for a swim instead.
      > Jim Tighe was on his big stuff, frightening paddleboarders and nearly
      > running over open-water swimmers (kidding Jim!).
      > The esteemed Dr. William Binegar was in attendance, as were John Bolt and
      > purple-kited rogue named Steve-O.
      > It seemed to get better as I left, but, to be honest, it looked like a lot
      > of lawnmowing and very active kite movement to keep the party going. But
      > hey, they got wet! Way to go, brothers of the nylon!
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