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RE: [BSA] Grinning boardheads, helmets and lines

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  • Jason Brickner
    Always a pleasure helping Jack. I admire your attention to safety. You set a good example for all out on the beach. Good winds! Check out Stevenson while
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 5, 2010
      Always a pleasure helping Jack. I admire your attention to safety. You set
      a good example for all out on the beach.

      Good winds! Check out Stevenson while you're in the Gorge.

      We're heading there for an Earth, Wind, and Fire concert at Maryhill late
      August. We are staying at Peach Beach. Any intell on that place? Better
      to drive to Rufus instead?


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      Subject: [BSA] Grinning boardheads, helmets and lines

      Jim - No worries... I've had that grin myself. And while I also know that
      windsurfers are always in full control, there are many reasons to wear a
      helmet...add "grinning" boardheads to the list. (I had forgot mine
      yesterday...my bad)

      And thanks to Jason (and others) for the launching assistance this summer.
      It worked much better last summer.....I'm still fully not comfortable with
      bar and lines I'm using (from my 7m). The "replacement lines" I used earlier
      in the season (during unsuccessful water launches) were uneven (outside
      lines were 20-inches short)!!!

      And thanks to Jon Bolt for the directions on checking lines....All kiter's
      should make note of this if they change lines! ....Don't fly your kite
      without testing as follows:

      "You may know how to tune a bar, but if not, here's how I do it. Larks-head
      a rope around a tree or basketball hoop or other secure post, leaving enough
      length hanging out (6" or more...not critical how much) to tie a knot in the
      end for attachment of your fly lines. Unwind & untangle your lines and
      secure the flyline ends to the knot on this post rope. Put your harness on.
      Clip the chicken loop into your spreader bar hook. Adjust the bar's depower
      strap or rope so it is max power (all the way out). Now tension the lines
      by leaning away from the post. Then, pull the bar all the way in (also max
      power) and hold it in that position. Holding the bar all the way "in", lean
      towards the post rope until the lines droop and touch the ground. All four
      lines should touch the ground at the same time. In other words, this will
      result in the lines being equal length when the power strap is all the way
      out and the bar all the way in (max power). Every manufacturer designs
      their kites (and its pigtails) such that, in winds appropriate to well power
      the kite, the kite will be at max power (without choking or backstalling)
      when all four lines are equal in length. You can test this by going out in
      solid winds that'll power your 11m, fly the kite and high noon, let power
      strap all the way out and pull bar all the way in. The kite should stay
      overhead and lift you rather than choke and fade backwards (downwind). Of
      course, if winds are too light for the kite, any kite will be inclined to
      backstall when you power it this much. So you have to do this "high noon"
      test in a good breeze for the kite size."

      Penny and I are off to the Gorge on Friday...Concert, windsurf, kite and ski
      (the Snowdome). Hope you get some wind here also.

      Jack Harrison,


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      Subject: [snowkiteidaho] morning LP

      Another great Morning at LP. We had a 6:15am lull but it picked up again
      nicely. Its really dark at 6am now. I had a nice swim and a change to
      consider the error of board choice. But a slight change and off to catch
      Chris Lee.It filled in for over an hour & a half then work called. Only
      four sailers and 3 kiters. It left lots of room for all. Chris 5.5, Chris
      Nickols 7.0?, Jim V 7.0 and I had a 5.6. I heard Steve say something about
      a 9 m kite but was out before checking.
      Yesterday I had a brain lapse and need to apoligize to Jack H for blasting
      by him while he was down. I thought of Eddy and carved a big splah over
      him. I lost control of my brain and your face became Eddies and I just
      didn't think. Sorry!
      One more day then I'm off for a week of bugs in Minnesota.
      See Ya'll on the water.

      James ( Jim ) Tighe
      Gem State Gymnastics Academy &
      Tighe Gymnastics Sales
      5420 W State St.
      Boise, ID 83703
      208-853-3220 Gym; 208-853-9021 FAX
      208-859-1397 Cell (best )
      emai; jim@...
      website; gemstategymnastics.com

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