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RE: Saturday L.P.

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  • Jason Brickner
    Wow. that doesn t sound good Steve. That launch was going to be sketchy anyway. Now it sounds even more sketchy. Sorry I wasn t there this morning. I ve
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 10, 2006

      Wow… that doesn’t sound good Steve.  That launch was going to be sketchy anyway.  Now it sounds even more sketchy.  Sorry I wasn’t there this morning.  I’ve been in Dallas all week and weekend… I’m heading to Jersey on Tuesday for a couple weeks, then back to Boise .


      I’ve had good luck launching from the small bay just up from turner gulch.  Only problem is leaving my pump and stuff on the beach and then having to hike back if I get blown downwind.  I was able to return once, but wound up downwind the other time.  I’m thinking I’m going to leave a pump buried in the sand at the bay to use, and just take my kite, bar, etc all dressed ready to go.  That way I can just cruse back to turner gulch and head out when I’m done ( and leave the pump there for next time).


      See you guys in a couple weeks.




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      we had a pretty big turn out to shovel sand but very under represented by kites .throw I think Eddy is out of town .but here is the bad news , we had planed to have a kite launch on one side of the dock and windsurfers on the other . well no one told Joyce at parks and rex so they have put a 5' post in the ground with a sign and a box with a life ring in it this they put at the end of the dock on the kite side. but wait that's not all , they plan to put a large purple serpent rite in the middle of the kite beach , for kids to play on . the windsurfers are not effected at all, so it looks to me we will be launching on the windsurf side if there is room it looks tight and a self launch maybe out of the question because the dock  is in the way. please forward to to other kiters


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