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Re: [snowkiteidaho] Go North my man

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  • Steve Linane
    Mark I except a full report . So I can live vicariously , Have fun ... From: Mark Westerdoll To: snowkiteidaho@yahoogroups.com Sent: Friday, February 26, 2010
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      I except a full report . So I can live vicariously , Have fun
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      Sent: Friday, February 26, 2010 8:34 PM
      Subject: Re: [snowkiteidaho] Go North my man


      Steve and Eddie,
      Sorry we missed you guys, we were going for an early session with some sled skiing after. Coop took off from the snomo park on his 15m and ended up 2 miles downwind near the Pine turnoff. I couldn't find him when I got on top of the hill and all I could see was 1 kiter far far away. Thought someone had put in at the Pine turnoff. Sent Keith to get his sled and look for him while I went downwind across the flats to the kiter. When I got to him he was smiling and said " That was awesome, How do we get back?" Keith rode me back while Coop went upwind about halfway on my 12m, 'till he was spent. Superfun trip for beginners on large kites in too much wind!
      I leave for Manzanilla, Mexico on Sunday, see you all when I get back in 2 weeks. Yes, I'm taking a kite!
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      Sent: Friday, February 26, 2010 8:18 PM
      Subject: Re: [snowkiteidaho] Go North my man


      I agree the first hour on my 15m was  one of the best hours all year . Effortless huge jumping . it looks like it will blow all night.  forecast is SE 7;00 pm to 2;00 pm 40mph from 2;00 pm to 11;00 am 21 mph and finely from 11;00 am to 11;00 pm 6mph . so if they are right we mite be looking at a early morning session , if its still blowing when I get up I going if I'm not the only one ..
      ----- Original Message ----- Weather Conditions for:
      Pine Turnoff, ID (ITD51)
      Elev: 5469 ft; Latitude: 43.31365; Longitude: -115.26654

      Current time:Fri, 26 Feb 20:01 pm (MST)
      Most Recent Observation:Fri, 26 Feb 7:06 pm (MST)
      PointHumidityChillDirectionSpeed24 hourControl
      26 Feb 7:06 pm27248812E26G29OK
      26 Feb 6:51 pm28258713E26G27OK
      26 Feb 6:36 pm28258814E21G24OK
      26 Feb 6:21 pm28258814E22G24OK
      26 Feb 6:06 pm28258715E19G21OK
      26 Feb 5:51 pm29258616E21G23OK
      26 Feb 5:36 pm29258515E23G25OK
      26 Feb 5:21 pm29258516E19G21OK
      26 Feb 5:06 pm29258516E21G24OK
      26 Feb 4:51 pm29268616E19G21OK
      26 Feb 4:36 pm29258616E19G23OK
      26 Feb 4:06 pm29258615E23G25OK
      26 Feb 3:51 pm29268715E23G27OK
      26 Feb 3:36 pm29268615E22G26OK
      26 Feb 3:21 pm29268715E23G26OK
      26 Feb 3:06 pm29268715E24G28OK
      26 Feb 2:51 pm30268516E24G26OK
      26 Feb 2:36 pm30268517E23G26OK
      26 Feb 2:21 pm30268417E22G27OK
      26 Feb 2:06 pm30268517E21G25
      Sent: Friday, February 26, 2010 7:26 PM
      Subject: [snowkiteidaho] Go North my man


      Well I would have to say it was great out there today. Especially if you got away from the highway and went to the north side of the ridge.  Everything on the side facing the highway was heavy and even some crust but the North side of just about any hill of larger porportion had nice soft deep snow just waiting to be carved up or dropped into from great heigts.   Had fun and rode till 5:30 but should have stayed out longer.  The light got flat and had to judge but then just after I started leaving the parking lot at the shed, the clouds parted and the sun made another appearance.  Anyway. I hope all had fun.

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