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Wind Vector Overlay for Google Earth

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  • jim S
    Thought the group might find this interesting if not useful. A program called Wind Ninja uses a fluid dynamics model to simulate winds over the landscape.
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    Thought the group might find this interesting if not useful.  A program called "Wind Ninja" uses a fluid dynamics model to simulate winds over the landscape.  It is used mostly for fire behavior modeling, but obviously has other uses.  I attached a KMZ file of the output from the program using the following inputs:  9 mph 20' wind blowiing from 90 degrees (east), utilizing a landscape file (elevation, slope, aspect etc.) for the camas prarie area.  You should be able to double click on the file and Google Earth should automatically open and zoom to the overlay area.  I have not tried this with the free version of Google Earth, just the pro version...hopefully it works.  I think the potential uses will be obvious once you view the file.   The "Wind Ninja" program is free, and the landscape file can be downloaded for free from a website called landfire.  Google should point you to both.

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    That video is like 5 yrs old and still is impressive.  Some where on youtube there is a long version where he is interviewed after one of his rides.  He is well known in France as a daredevil and has a long list of stunts like this suit.  Would not catch me trying to imitate him.

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    Hi All!
    While we are waiting for snow, here is another one of those crazy videos of some short lived European on a death ride. It's best at the end when he starts passing people!
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