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RE: [idahokiteboarding] Brazil trip recap

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  • Jason Brickner
    Ryan, I ve officially added this to my 5 year plan. DO you expect to go again during the end of October/beginning of November? -JBrick _____ From:
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 7, 2009
      I've officially added this to my 5 year plan.  DO you expect to go again during the end of October/beginning of November?

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      my airfare from Portland to Fortaleza,BR via ATL, and RIO, was $775. i think that a $1000 from boise would be fairly easy to find. ground transport in brazil is all there and the buses are nice with A/C.  bus from Airport to Jeri is 5hrs (3 by car). and $50R, $27USD. Bus from Fortaleza bus station to Paracuru is $8.85R and is 2hrs. Cumbuco is 25 miinutes from Fortaleza. Canoa Quebrata is a 3hr bus south of Fortaleza, bus was $18.5R.
      the real way to do Brazil is to rent a 4-door truck($170R per day). have 5-6 people and just drive the beach from Canoa to Jeri ( appox 350 miles). you can kite the whole way, just  take turns driving. every night just pull into one of the nice little beach towns and sack out. the one hold up is having someone that has been before, like me. i think i could handle driving this route, and my portugese is going to get better before the next trip. i saw lots of groups doing it this way, they were truely having a ball!!!
      the temp was hot, but i think boise in the summer  maybe hotter so i never felt like it was too hot, but you dont go jogging at noon thats for sure. evenings always had a breeze so they were nice. and since its dark for 12 hrs a day you spend alot of time in the dark.
      daytime highs  we 30-34C.
      i dont think that its worth traveling that far to brazil unless you are going for more than 10days. three weeks or more and the trip will really pay off.  

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      That sounds like the ultimate trip . You are the only person I can think of that has been so I will take you word for it . throw I read a article a few years  ago and got real interested until I check on air far and it was $2500 ' I think that was flying in to fortalza . One thing the article mentioned was it's blistering hot was that the case ? also the ground travel was long and hard it said something about a days drive from the airport  . Send pic fast .
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      Awesome.... thanks for sharing the stoke.  I can't wait to see some kite porn!
      Bring it on.

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      well boys and girls i would have to say that everything you hear about Brazil is true. i was there for 31 days and let me tell you.... it never stopped blowing! ever! day and night. all day everyday. in 31 days i spent a grand total of $996 USD. thats pretty cheap, considering the quality of the lodging, food, and transportation.

      Jericoacoa- 15 days of 7m weather, a few were 5m days. it is really the windsurfing capital of south america, but they all ride in one spot. all day buggies are driving up and down the 20 k of beach picking people up from down winders. right near town is a small lagoon that offers flat water for that quick evening session, or the ocean side that has great ramp wavelits.the town is full of cheap pousada ( small hotels) all offer free breakfast. you can spend as little as $7 USD or $100 USD. tons of great places to eat(2.7USD for rice, beans, noodles,ground yaka root, and steak, or-25USD for lobsters), and you can rent kite/windsurfing gear at many places. its really touristy, but most are kiters and windsurfers.

      Canoa Quebrata- 10 days of kiting. is similiar to Jeri as far as the town goes, but the wind is lighter there, usually 11-13m stuff, with half the days being 9m. stayed at 2 different places that over looked the beach. both were under $13 USD a night offered free breakfast and were 30 seconds from the beach. from my door i could see the kiters and gauge the kite size, then walk down and kite. kiting in town was a bit rough, 1-2m rollers all chopped up coming in. but worked great for big air. north of town 8 miles along the beach was a river inlet thats was my favorite place in brazil!!!! a waist deep area about 1/2 mile x 1 mile. with little or no chop. i progressed more in the couple days that i rode there than anywhere else. the buggy ride out there was 10 USD, but you could get there with a little rental car. a local kite instructor said a busy day there was 20 kiters. thats nothing for the amount of room.  all in all Canoa is a really sweet town to stay in with lots of hot brazilian tourist too.

      Paracuru-6 days of 9m kiting. paracuru has long been famed as brazils best kite spot. why? i dont know, but it sure was the scene. you cant kite right in town because of rocks, and wind shadows, plus these massive permanent fishing nets that line the shore. south of town 4 miles is where the beach opens up again and runs all the way to Cumbuco 40k. massive soft sand beach as far as you can see. down winders is the name of the game here. its endless. however most people drive, bus, or taxi to Aloha kite center(4miles south of town) which is really a big resturant with 2 kite schools on either side. its the scene with upwards of 250-300 kiters all in the same area. although its crowded in one spot there is endless beach to kite, everybody just likes to show off for the peanut gallery. 90% of them were Euro lawn mowers. very little talent. but then there are the ripper brazilian guys doing double handle pass, double kiteloops. very coool!

      the real big kite business in Brazil is the down wind tours, these guys basically follow you with your stuff and you start kiting down the coast. little town to little town. the cool places you stay a couple of days and then continue on. the options are limitless, the kiteable coast is like 1200 k long, and besides a few rivers, or lagoon crossings you can drive that whole way along the beach.

      North East Brazil is the state of Ceara where 90% of the kiting is. Inland away from the coast, Ceara is a shit hole. busy little towns with plastic trash everywhere. These were the rough spots that you didnt want to stop in. just hot, dirty, and full of poor people. i hear southern brazil is totally different and mostly 1 world, but the kiting sucks down there.

      summary, If it's reliable wind you want then brazil maybe the best in the world. from sept-Jan it never stops blowing. if you have the time, and want a cheap place, with neat beaches, with fairly sanitary comditions then brazil is the spot. if you want crystal clear water, spotless hiltons, and clean beaches, then brazil is not the spot, try the carribbean.

      one things for sure and that is.... i am going back next year. pics and video will follow.

      Ryan Waite

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