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RE: [BSA] Re: [snowkiteidaho] Who got caught today and had to swim

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  • Mark Westerdoll
    Evening ya ll, I m sure I m preachin to the choir here, but a warm front came through at that exact hour. Watch your weather! I would have been stuck with
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 17, 2009
      Evening ya'll,
      I'm sure I'm preachin' to the choir here, but a warm front came through at that exact hour. Watch your weather! I would have been stuck with everybody else if I wasn't at work, and I was able to get my kite up. See you on the water soon.

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      Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2009 12:18:15 -0600
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      This time of year, east wind at Stevenson can be great! And, the downwinders
      from Home Valley to Stevenson, are especially fun.

      Hope it works somewhere, Jack

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      Oh boy. I'm heading to the Gorge and I will bet Money that I get
      skunked again. It is a dealer demo gear weekend so go figure.

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      Eddy Petranek

      On Sep 17, 2009, at 10:18 AM, bruce robb <brucerobb@cableone. net> wrote:

      > So I'm ripping along, up past Sheep Creek, and a lull hits.. OK... And
      > then it turns to glass, that fast.
      > I said out loud.". Really? REALLY? This is how it's going to be ?"
      > I had to laugh.. A person was up on the overlook watching me. Probably
      > thinking, boy, why's he swimming dragging all that stuff?
      > Thankfully Jim T. picked me up. I felt bad for Jon, with no floatation
      > in his kite. Just a sea anchor.. but we all made it back.
      > On Sep 17, 11:01 am, Betsy Russell <bzruss...@gmail. com> wrote:
      >> Strange days. One windsurfer, Bruce R., also got caught out there
      >> and had to
      >> do the long swim; before that he was ripping on a 5.7 and was
      >> pretty far up
      >> the canyon. Jim T. drove over and picked him up from the far side
      >> where
      >> there's that killer hike up. Three more of us were in the process of
      >> launching when the wind died, but couldn't get off the beach -
      >> there wasn't
      >> a breath. We saw the sailor and all three kites go down and not
      >> come back
      >> up, and went, uh oh. Waited in the water for a while but it was
      >> rapidly
      >> turning from all kinds of whitecaps to just glass. All i got was wet!
      >> Betsy
      >> On Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 10:24 AM, Jason Brickner
      >> <jasonbrick.. .@...>wrote:
      >>> Hey Tony,
      >>> I got there at 8:00 when the wind shut off. I brought my 11m
      >>> because I
      >>> thought the numbers looked so good. I found it strange on the
      >>> drive up that
      >>> the trees around barber park were blowing NW. Then I got to the
      >>> diversion
      >>> dam and it was like glass. Bottom of the dam had a little wind.
      >>> I'm
      >>> thinking, "what the heck". The numbers looked awesome before I
      >>> left the
      >>> house 10 minutes before. I reach the top of the dam and see three
      >>> kites
      >>> out. Everyone was pumping their kites like mad but still
      >>> planning. By the
      >>> time I drive over the dam to Barclay, two kites were sitting in
      >>> the water
      >>> and Jon Bolt's was falling. When have you ever seen Jon's kite
      >>> touch the
      >>> water (13m PL). We'll Jon's hit the water up by the lookout and he
      >>> struggled to get it back up. Then down again for the count. They
      >>> all three
      >>> started swimming back in. It was amazing. From mid twenties to
      >>> -5mph. YES
      >>> the wind actually started going the other direction at times. I
      >>> watch for
      >>> about 20 minutes. Wish I had a boat to pick them up. I decided
      >>> to leave
      >>> and go to work. The lake was like glass when I left at 8:30PM.
      >>> Damn!
      >>> Can't wait to hear from the other two kiters. I think it was JMac
      >>> and
      >>> someone on an orange Ozone.
      >>> -JBrick
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      >>> *Subject:* [snowkiteidaho] Who got caught today and had to swim
      >>> Unless you went out really early or the meter is not working, you
      >>> missed
      >>> it today. The meter shows one heck of a wind dropoff around 8:15
      >>> and I feel
      >>> sorry for anyone out who got caught in the lurch and had to swim
      >>> in. Anyone
      >>> want to share their experience?
      > >

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