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Re: [snowkiteidaho] Who got caught today and had to swim

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  • Steve Linane
    I have had the same thing happen to me , it happens before you know it and then its to late , there is no way to untangle the lines while in the water . a
    Message 1 of 10 , Sep 17, 2009
      I have had the same thing happen to me , it happens before you know it and then its to late , there is no way to untangle the lines while in the water . a knife would be your only hope if you had to get free in the water but that would be a lot of work while treading water
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      Here you on the line issue.  I had my 5 line snap at the kite twice. Both times I ended up body dragging in and even though it was only one line loose in the water, both times I was completely hogtied by the time I reached the boatramp area.  The first time I was so tied up I could not even stand up.  If I had not had the kite pulling me to shallow water I would have been a good canidate for the darwin award.  Now I make sure to always wrap up the lines as much as possible so nothing to catch my legs. Even if kite is still workable, take care of the loose line before trying to make it ashore.

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      @ 6:30AM EdD meter said LP was raging.  Around 7:10AM I'm driving through Harris Ranch.  Holy smokes the wind is hammering all the trees at the intersection by Lucky 13.  Never seen wind there (or at least that hard).  Setup my kite @ Barclay Beach & walk down to boatramp and go.  Powered 13m.  I start as deep into Barclay Bay as you can get and in two reaches I'm at overlook.  I head over to Brickner Beach to see Jack & Bill B. do their launch.  Plenty fun power for tricks galore & big air.  Bill and Jack barely get on the water and wind starts to fade.  No problem.  Just a lull.  It'll come back.  So I stay upwind @ overlook.  Fades more  but I can still hold my ground.  It'll come back.  In a couple minutes I see Bill & Jack's kites down but mine's still up but I can't make much forward progress.   I do the pump & dunk for a couple minutes.  It'll surely come back.  From the point where I could no longer stay upwind until it went to glass was maybe 3-5 minutes...no longer.  Eventually ever so slight flow back up the reservoir takes the tension off my lines and down she goes.  But wait, after a couple minutes a slight downchannel puff and I coax her off the water and she's flyin' again.  But shortly the reverse flow causes her to fall again.  Now my baby is on the water a few minutes.  But then another puff and I coax her back up.  She falls again and after several few minutes I raise her like a Phoenix a third time.  But three knockdowns in a round and the fight's over.  But at least I got her back up 3 times.  I don't think Bill or Jack ever got their's back off the water after they first went down.  I'm not far past the overlook waiting for wind that never came.  So I eventually get to my kite and swim it in.   I bet that took 45 minutes to an hour.  Great exercise.  Just not the kind I had in mind.  In 8 years playin' at LP I've never seen anything even close to that abrupt and total shutdown.  On my way home I see the flag at Diversion Dam is is flapping as hard as it does on a great day...but it's flappin' the wrong way.
      Newbies, I made a big mistake today I'll share so you never make it.  I wound my single leash line up on my bar to assure kite would not power up if wind came back.  But it seemed so shutoff, I talked myself out of hassle of winding up all the other lines onto my bar too.  So I swam with dangling lines.  Very bad idea.  Never do that.  It isn't too long before they start tangling on your legs.  Pretty soon they start restricting your range of kicking.  Then you realize if wind ever returned you'd be in big trouble (even though leash line prevents full power).  My ankles would've been cut like cheese.  Better have a knife...problem is what lines in that mess would you cut?  Have to cut'em right at the kite.  Before long you're hog tied and fighting the lines.  Even w/o wind threat you get so bound & gagged you get exhausted fighting lines & kite & swim and you drown..  Coulda been very scary.  Note to self.  ALWAYS WIND LINES OF A DOWN KITE.
      Time for a nap...I'm beat...

      On Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 9:50 AM, tony williams <tonyswilliams@ yahoo.com> wrote:

      Unless you went out really early or the meter is not working, you missed it today.  The meter shows one heck of a wind dropoff around 8:15 and I feel sorry for anyone out who got caught in the lurch and had to swim in.  Anyone want to share their experience?

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