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RE: [snowkiteidaho] kitewing anyone?

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    Greg; Good to hear from you. Hope all is going wel in the Palouse. I ve got a good friend in Moscow who bikes quite a bit. He owns the gym school there,
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      Good to hear from you.  Hope all is going wel  in the Palouse.  I've got a good friend in Moscow who bikes quite a bit.  He owns the gym school there, Palouse Empire Gymnastics.  Look him up.  I know you like to ride also.  Mark Kindelspire 208-310-6095  I'd bet you two would get on well.
      I've seent the kite wing before but that's about it.  i've been out snow kiting and it is prety awesome.  you should be able to do quite a bit of it there as you get more snow.  call if you get int he area.  I've got plenty of room if you need a place.  Jim

      James ( Jim ) Tighe
      Gem State Gymnastics Academy &
      Tighe Gymnastics Sales
      5420 W State St.
      Boise, ID 83703
      208-853-3220 Gym; 208-853-9021 FAX
      208-859-1397 Cell (best )
      emai; jim@...
      website; gemstategymnastics.com


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      Date: Sat, 22 Aug 2009 16:04:32 +0000
      Subject: [snowkiteidaho] kitewing anyone?

      Long time no post dudes. How's the sailing down there? I'm still rocking the goose egg for E. Washington sailing sessions here. I've been sick this Summer (Mono...yuck) and last Summer I rebuilt a very large deck and had the house painted.

      ANYWho, I'm getting _serious_ withdrawls, and I'm really craving something that is:

      1. More portable
      2. More universal
      3. Something I can use closer to home (my only complaint w/ Pullman is the lack of a closer ski resort.

      Anyone have one of these yet?
      http://www.kitewing .com/
      I figure you hard core dudes are already sailing these on a variety of boards.

      Check out the Youtube action here:
      http://www.northern snowkites. com/Kitewings. html

      I am SERIOUSLY thinking about acquiring one of these for my snowboard on the Palouse, and then even a Mtn board in the Summer if I'm ballsy enough and find a good field.

      Anyway, the product looks ideal. It appears to be fairly small in transport, useful on many different devices, has a big wind range, allows you to fly like a kite but you don't deal with the lines or launching issues.

      I'm am very intrigued, but I though I'd see what the Illuminati thought. Eddy, you sell these? Anyone riding one? Anyone try one?

      Hope you guys are having a great water season!


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