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RE: Riding time

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  • Lee, Chris (CEFS - BOISE)
    Cool! Getting airborne is the one thing that get me thinking about trying kiting. BTW, it was sailable this morning from a windsurfer s perspective. However,
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 4, 2009
      Riding time

      Cool!  Getting airborne is the one thing that get me thinking about trying kiting.


      BTW, it was sailable this morning from a windsurfer’s perspective.  However, I got an early morning meeting and it kind picked up a little too late for me to get a session it.  Tomorrow looks good and hopefully the threat of clouds won’t shut it down.  I can’t make it as get these early morning meeting again.  L


      Best regards,


      Chris Lee.


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      I did not see any u-jointers but 9 kiters played again today.

      Doing it again tomorrow.


      BTW Laura is trying to jump so stay the “Freak” out of her way, she is on a mission to get airborne   ;-)

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      Subject: [BSA] Re: Time for the annual ROW thread?

      Dear BS “a”;
      After all this Getting Close stuff, Did anyone get out today?

      James R. Tighe (Jim)
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      Subject: [BSA] RE: Time for the annual ROW thread?

      Just a note on list business -- I'd be happy to have this all-in-one, but there are three groups (that I know of) that cover the intersection between kiters and U-jointers (and did I mention I'm really upset about having "boardsailors" go ambiguous :-), and so I started this thread on all three.

      Jim's replies have only been going to one, the BSA group.

      Anyhoo, I learned some useful stuff, given in response to my lament that sailors (let's call them) don't know what to expect from kiters. Jon Bolt wrote:

      In every busy kiting spot in the world, kiters routinely pass each other with upwind kite high and downwind kite low and downwind rider moves under the lines of the upwind rider.  Happens all the time and not a ROW violation or deemed an unsafe encroachement error... it's following the ROW rules.  Upwind rider raises his/her kite high, downwind rider lowers theirs.  Therefore, to a kiter, having a windsurfer pass under your kite or lines does not feel improper... it's just like a kiter passing under.

      That's good to know, and helps. Another piece of the puzzle is to know when the kiter is in control and knows what s/he's doing, versus not. (Gorge traffic jams always freak me out a little because the hotshots all seem to assume everyone is in as close control as they are... and I'm a lot closer to the edge. Haven't had the joy of full-on mixed traffic yet -- one kiter at the Hatch on Sunday seemed like plenty to me.)

      And just so y'all know, sailors like the bigger and less dissected waves, too. I usually work up the canyon because the reaches are clear of traffic in and out of BB, and to get the work of pointing out of the way.

      For ROW matters, and as I posted to begin with, the important rules are simple and easy to instruct. Going past those (and into crazy stuff like who's on the port tack when running wing-and-wing, which I can't do on my sailboard) gets confusing and tedious.

      Avoid collision. Keep an eye out around you, especially before you turn. Watch out for newbies. Don't fight. Be cool. Don't worry, be happy.
      Tom von Alten    http://fortboise.org/

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