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Re: [snowkiteidaho] New Weather Station Negatives

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    No negatives...the weather station showed a low number...I was right there & should have listened to it & gone home. I got suckered out to no avail. Had a good
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      Re: [snowkiteidaho] New Weather Station Negatives No negatives...the weather station showed a low number...I was right there & should have listened to it & gone home.

      I got suckered out to no avail. Had a good lesson on drift launching and self rescue. And how to suck a line into a jet boat impeller. 4hrs later I finally got the line out and now I have to untangled it; fortunately with no damage to line...  DOHO!!!

      Weather Station is currently Running and looking like it is doing well. All of you should know that I’m probably the first person to know when station is down, (i.e. I don’t need 15 phone calls to make me aware ;-)  Also as far as suggestions go. Let the station Run for a week and then we will figure out what people want to see once I have a chance to see how well it works.

      Yesterday’s failure appeared to be a contact problem with Laptop’s power cord, think I got that fixed. I also added my UPS so that if power goes down for a long time we have at least 1-4 hours before it shuts down.  Last night’s problem was lost dial up connection, (apparently every other weather station in valley had similar issue) .  I bumped the redial up to 100 and with 4 different numbers that’s 400 attempts...We will see???  Got dial up service for less then $10 per month with no cancellation fees. I’m not supposed to run the service continuous but going to for another day or two. Still looking at timer features before I make a software purchase. Any other Ideas?

      Weather Underground is the only place station is listed currently.  I know the station does not display a time next to current reading (many others have noticed this too), but if you scroll down the page to Data you will see a graph that displays time on the X-axis and wind speed on Y-axis (actually a very nice chart). I have the unit programmed to send data every 5 mins I think I’ll bump it up to 10 mins.

      So far so good,
      Thanks to everyone who donated money for this project.
      Thanks to Jason for selecting a really nice Weather Station.
      Thanks to Chris & Billy for the Laptops.
      Thanks to ACE for the phone line and license.

      Let’s party this weekend with 2 big success stories fresh in our Group!!!

      Gear Daddy LLC
      (208) 863-6966

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      Subject: Re: [snowkiteidaho] New Weather Station Negatives


      Oh & please include Boise Sailors' Ass'n in any social event communication....we'd want the do-ins w/ ACE to involve who entire sailing community, not just kiters.
      ...and 15 mph showing on the new meter it was a good calibration.  Today Chris Lee, Binegar, me, EdD & Laura.  Chris only one that went out when I was there and I don't think he ever planed out.  Quit pretty quick...not worth the effort.  Binegar and I left ~ 8 AM or maybe little later w/o bothering to setup.  EdD & L might've stayed & tried it.  While I was there EdD was fiddling w/ laptop to reestablish phone connection, which was lost last night.  He got it working and meter was showing typically about 11-15 I think.  But when I was there wasn't even worth pumpin up a kite.  Might've picked up to 15 @ 9AM and maybe been half doable.  Eddy would know if he stayed later w/ students.

      On Wed, Jul 29, 2009 at 9:05 AM, inspiregraphics2007 <inspiregraphics@...> wrote:
      Who would have thought the weather station could have any negative affects but I am sitting here at work watching the smooth 15 + and Let me tell you I have a hole in my gut knowing you all are out there kiting and I am surfing the internet. You terrible selfish wind hounds I hope you all get the runs from drinking too much lake water!


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